GORGG 2009, Event Information
This page lists the "official" GORGG group events. Check here often to see more details unfold.

For an Excel list of "unofficial" events happening in and around the Norwalk/NYC areas during GORGG week, click here (last update October 22). Note: This info is merely informational, to help you identify things of possible interest. Please do your own additional research and book your own tickets. Thanks!
 Saturday, October 24
 Sunday, October 25
 Monday, October 26
 Tuesday, October 27
 Wednesday, October 28
 Thursday, October 29
NYC Day / Circle Line
(approx. 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM)
 Friday, October 30
Big Night/Banquet
Featuring IZZ*
 Saturday, October 31
Silent Auction
 Sunday, November 1
*It is with great pleasure and privilege that we announce that the New York/Connecticut-based band, IZZ, has agreed to perform for us at this year's GORGG in Norwalk, CT!

Following in the footsteps of such fine musical units as: Lady Lake (twice), The Jesters, Gary Pickford-Hopkins and Ray “Taff” Williams (Eyes of Blue), The Phil Rowe Band, Micky Jones (Manband), PDG, Beduinos a Gasoleo, and ZED, IZZ will continue the rich GORGG tradition of excellent bands that have whetted our collective appetites for the GGiant Jams that cap off the banquets.

Said IZZ bassist (and GORGGer) John Galgano, "The band is really excited about it and honored to be asked to play. I think it will be a blast." Following the dinner buffet, IZZ's performance will be a wonderful start to the musical happenings on "The Big Night" - Friday, October 30th.

As great as they are as a band, they are an equally impressive group of people, and I'm sure GORGGers will enjoy spending time with the members of IZZ every bit as much as listening to them play. IZZ have long been very close to the hearts of many GORGGers and On-Reflection listmembers, and it seems only fitting that they will play an integral part of the 11th ("tenth anniversary") GORGG on their home turf!

IZZ Biography from CDbaby

Our personal thanks to John & his cohorts in making this special private gig happen for us!