GORGG 2008 Schedule of Events
 Sunday, October 19
People start to arrive. We will
explore the Nordkolleg and it's surrounding.
 Monday, October 20
Hamburg trip with city sightseeing by bus, Hafenrundfahrt (visiting the harbour) and walking to St. Pauli (to former Star Club) and other places.
  Tuesday, October 21
Most people will arrive today and tomorrow.
 Wednesday, October 22
Long evenings in the Nordkolleg bar.
 Thursday, October 23
Rendsburg tour - sightseeing with a guide, maybe a visit to the Jewish Museum. In the afternoon: "Other Giants": people could play and talk about their music influences.
Other sporting activities, like cycling, paddling, minigolf, beach volleyball or tabletennis at Nordkolleg might possibly be planned spontaneously during the week. And, Bernie is offering a trip for children to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg.
 Friday, October 24
In the afternoon: "Memories of old days": an opportunity to talk about what GG's music meant to different people, memories of concerts, anecdotes; maybe we could collect stuff and use it for a memory-book that Beate and Bernie could produce in 2009. In the evening: our Big Night in the Nordkolleg's pavillion. The buffet offers both cold and hot meals and also some sweets.
 Saturday, October 25
Raffles and maybe a GG quiz.
 Sunday, October 26
Most people are leaving, and we'll put them on the right trains. We should have a "cometogether" in the morning in memory of Jörgg.