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Rendsburg, Germany, is the host city for Das GORGG 2008. With nearly 30,000 inhabitants, it is a worthwhile town to see with both Danish and German history. Rendsberg is easy to reach by train or car from Hamburg (about one hour). 100 kilometres north from Hamburg, 60 kilometres south of the Danish boarder and near the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Rendsburg offers a lot of possibilities for excursions by train or bus (for example to north sea islands like Sylt and to cities like Kiel or Lübeck).
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Train prices: Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof to Rendsburg
Whether you choose RE (RegionalExpress) or ICE (InterCity Express), all trains need about 75 minutes each way. One way costs 27 Euro if you buy your ticket at the automat - at the counter it would cost 31Euro. Cheaper for two and more is the so-called Schleswig-Holstein-ticket: 29 (automat), 31 Euro (counter): it allows you to use all trains in Schleswig-Holstein except the ICE + all public metropolitan and buses (except Schnellbus) in Hamburg for one day - up to five adults can use one ticket! We will buy some for our Hamburg trip.
Timetables for train:
Here are some departure and arrival times from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof to Rendsburg: 8.43-10.01 h (Regionalexpress, RE); 9.30-10.46 h (Intercity, IC); 10.43-12.01 (RE); 12.43-14.01 h (RE); 13.20-15.02 h (RE); 14.43-16.01 h (RE); 15.38-17.02 h (IC); 16.43-18.01 h (RE); 17.30-18.49 h (ICE); 17.38-19.02 h (ICE); 18.49-20.11 h(RE); ...

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Getting from Hamburg airport to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof:
The Airport Express (from the company, Jasper) takes only 25 minutes, and costs 5 Euro per adult (one way ticket). The service runs every ten minutes, and on weekends every 15 minutes. Detailed information, also in English, you will find on their Web page:
Jasper Airport Express

Alternative ways are by public bus and underground (30/45 minutes); Special buses (maybe 10 Euro); Taxis (15/20 Euro).

In some cases Lutz or someone else would be able to pick you up at Hamburg airport. Please make sure your Flight info is current on the Who's Going? page.

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