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I decided in favour of a small town (Évora) about 100 kilometres from Lisbon. Évora is a beautiful town to walk through, with a lot to discover historically, gastronomically and culturally. There are also other places not to far from Évora to see. That will only depend on the wishes of our fellow GORGGers. Just tell me what you want to see, and excursions can be arranged. I just have to know three or two months in advance.

I'm planning in providing transportation from the Lisbon airport to the hotel for those of you not willing to rent a car. A detailed transportation plan will be done when I know the in and out flights of (almost) everyone. Let me add that there's a motorway (with toll) all the way from Lisbon to Évora, except for the last five miles or so. It's about one hour ride, within the speed limit (that is, btw, 120 km/hour in motorways, 90 km on other roads, 50 km inside towns). Road and driving details and tips, of course, will be posted here soon.

-José Carlos

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If you travel from Lisboa to Évora by train:
Take the Intercidade from Lisboa (Oriente station) to Beja - at Casa Branca, there are bus connections to Évora (the branch to Évora was closed some years ago). The Intercidade runs twice a day, departing from Oriente at 9.21 (Entrecampos at 9.29) and 18.21 (mind you: reservation on this train is compulsory). The bus to Évora: departure 11.01 arrival 11.33. Next bus leaves 17.25.
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If you travel from Lisboa (airport) to Évora by car:
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Rough guide: Leave the airport following the road signs for "A1-Norte". Right after you've entered A1, take the right exit, following the sign "P. Vasco da Gama" (Vasco da Gama bridge). You'll soon be at this 15 km long bridge over the Tagus River. After the bridge, stay on the main road (A12), direction "Algarve" (among others). A few miles on, will find the toll automatic machines. Stop at an open one, press the button, wait for the ticket to come out and save it (the loss of this ticket will result in a heavy fine). Around 20 km after this, change to the A2 (just keep following the "Algarve" direction). Drive more 20 km in the A2, take the right exit, and then keep left, following the directions "Espanha" and "Évora". You will be on the A6. Follow it for about 50 km, and then take the exit to Évora. Right after the exit of the motorway, you'll find some toll cabins. Choose an open one, stop there, and give the man (or woman) the ticket and pay. (Class A cars will pay 7.25 euros.) Follow the signs to Évora, and you'll enter the N114. 10 km after, you'll see the sign for the city limits of Évora (a square white sign with black letters) at your right hand. The Évora Hotel is right behind this sign (you'll see it right away). Just take the next right exit, and you'll be there.