Craig-y-Nos Castle, Wales

The castle was built around 1855 (not very old) by a an opera singer who incorporated a theatre inside, based on La Scala, suitable for 450 audience members. So it's really not a castle in the old sense of being a fortress. But it looks very pretty and according to John, they did a beautiful job of it. He says the place looks absolutely fantastic - almost like a medieval museum. John would love to have the 'GORGG and the Dragon' as he called it there and is willing to help organise it. He has many local contacts as regards music gear and bus/minibus companies and local pub landlords etc. The castle is called Craig-Y-Nos and is really near John's home.

The castle is described on 2 web sites. One is the agency - Celtic Castles,, which tells of restoration work being done by the current owners. The other site is by the owner,, has phrases such as "Some suites also have their own private lounge." So Ideal for GORGGing in. The music room is large and they are gearing up for conferences.

We have the Castle reserved for October 25 - 29, 2004 (Monday through Friday). These dates assure us participation by the Minnears. The castle is unavailable to us on the weekends of October 23rd and 30th. John will be able to help with finding lodgings for anyone who wants to stay later than that, but the night of the 29th is the last night lodging is available at the castle. There may be lodgings there available on the 24th, for those who want to come earlier. He's working that out.

More details coming soon.

Here are numerous photos of Craig-Y-Nos Castle, courtesy of Ant's recent expedition: