GORGG 2004 Planned Events

October 25
October 26
October 27
October 28
October 29
Arrival at Castle and settle in – Food is available only on a “Bar menu” basis (see attached Bar menu copy). There is also a “Special” consisting of Cawl, a traditional Welsh thick Lamb and vegetable soup served with bread and cheese followed by Welsh cakes and Bara Brith (a kind of sweet loaf cake).

No entertainment is planned for Monday night but the hospitality room and the Castle’s bars will be open for your delectation.

Breakfast from 8.am till 9.30am – Some attendees are going on a day trip to Stonehenge, a packed lunch will be provided, as it will be for anyone who is not present at lunchtime, please let the Castle know the night before if you want it.

Buffet Lunch from 1.pm to 2.30pm – There is plenty to do if you so wish, a full list of activities and places to go will be provided on arrival.

Dinner from 7.pm till 8.30.pm – The evening’s entertainment features live music from “Gary and Taff” two former members of the little known progressive band of the sixties “The Eyes of Blue.”

Gary Pickford-Hopkins
and Taff Williams

Breakfast from 8.am till 9.30.am – How about a nice walk? There are twenty acres of Country Park at the back of the Castle.

Buffet Lunch from 1.pm to 2.30.pm.

Dinner from 7.pm till 8.30.pm – Tonight it’s the turn of “The Phil Rowe Band,” a well-respected local band playing Rock, Blues and Soul. Jamming will be positively encouraged.

Breakfast 8.am till 9.30am – Why are you holding your head and asking for painkillers? The band wasn’t THAT LOUD!!!

Buffet Lunch from 1.pm to 2.30pm – Feeling any better?

GORGG Banquet from 7.pm till whenever – A Medieval banquet is on the menu tonight with platters of roast meats, wine and mead followed by the usual GORGG musical extravaganza.

Plans for today and tomorrow are still being formulated

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