GORGG 2002 Planned Events

'De Badcuyp' is Van GORGG's Saturday Activities Centre.

The Van Gorgg afternoon and evening program of Saturday, October 19th, will take place in a wonderful venue called 'De Badcuyp' (Old Dutch for 'de badkuip', meaning 'The Bathtub'). The names comes from it's former destination (bathing house) and it's location (in the famous Albert Cuyp street

'De Badcuyp' is a cultural centre and eating café in the 'Albert Cuyp straat' in the heart of the very colourful neighbourhood 'De Pijp' - the 'Quartier Latin' of Amsterdam. The building - a former bathing house - is built in the famous 'Amsterdam School' style.

Downstairs there is a nice eating café, where they serve some good food varying from straightforward rib eyes to exotic kebabs, but also has a good choice of vegetarian dishes.

Upstairs there's a small theatre like music room, with a stage, a compact PA system, a grand piano, stage lights, various AV equipment, including a DVD player and a big screen. There's also an upstairs bar with a staff provided by the venue. The room is quite ideal for groups our size and can be easily dressed up with lights, dining tables etc. The Badcuyp is an informal place with a loose artistic atmosphere. So don't expect luxury & decadence here. :-)

The unofficial program outline for the time being is:

Saturday afternoon from ± 15.00/16.00 hrs (or maybe earlier): gathering and socialising, maybe have one or two GG related presentations (remember Dan Bornemark's Scraping The Barrel session in London?), play GG and related music, GG related exhibition (memorabilia, promotional posters), etc.

Saturday evening from ± 18.00 hrs:
Buffet, Lady Lake concert, Jam session, GG sweepstake/auction, etc etc

How to get there:

By foot:
- It's a ± 15/20 minutes walk from the Hotel Arena.

By tram:
- From Centraal Station: trams 4 en 20 (get off at stop Stadhouderskade) and tram 16, 24, 25 (stop Albert Cuyp).

- From Amsterdam Eastst or West
: trams 3 of 12 (get off at stop Sarphatipark).

Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10
(corner Albert Cuypstraat)
1073 CM Amsterdam
Tel: +31(0)20-675.96.69