GORGG 2009, NYC Day / Circle Line Information, October 29

Thursday, October 29, 2009, will be a loosely NON-organized "New York City" day.

No monies will be collected in advance, no commitments are needed (although we WILL need an approx. count so the hotel can mobilize enough morning shuttles for us unless people want to walk to the train).

Our stated GOAL will be to take as many people as are interested on a 12:30 PM Circle Line tour. But if you don't want to do the tour, or you want to do the 2-hr and not the 3-hr, or you have an alternate destination (some have expressed interest in seeing Ground Zero, for instance), or whatever, that's fine. We can get into Manhattan as a group and then splinter off from there. Perhaps some of the locals may even wish to volunteer to lead a tour to an alternate site like a Ground Zero.

The timeline for our day is roughly as follows:
Shuttles start to leave from hotel to train station (may take several rounds)
People purchase tickets at East Norwalk station kiosks
Metro-North train leaves for Manhattan (this is an OFF-peak train)
Train arrives NYC
Walk from Grand Central Terminal to Pier 83
Latest time to be at the dock
Boat leaves
Boat returns; start walk back to Grand Central, or to Heartland Brewery, or to where ever you choose.
First train leaving GC for East Norwalk, CT (this is a peak train) [there are many more]
16:30 GORGG toast at Heartland Brewery
First train arriving back at East Norwalk, CT
01:49 Last train leaving GC for East Norwalk, CT (OFF-peak train)
02:53 Last train arrives back at East Norwalk, CT

Train ticket fares are:

One-way peak, bought at station: $13.00 (child and seniors $6.50). Round-trip peak, bought at station: $26.00 (child $13.00). One-way OFF-peak, bought at station: $9.75 (child $5.00, seniors $6.50). Round-trip OFF-peak, bought at station: $19.00 (child $10.00, seniors $13.50).

Grand Central is a fair distance from the Pier - about a 45-minute walk. There is also a city bus (the m42pier bus) for $2.25, or taxis for those who choose to take them.

After the boat ride, for those who wish, there will be a Tenth Anniversary Toast to GORGG, in the place where GORGG started (well, "officially," anyway), at The Heartland Brewery at Radio City on 51st Street. This will "complete the circle" after the "Circle Line"! Others can just head "home" to Norwalk or explore NYC further. This particular Heartland location (there are several others) has really not changed a bit since GORGG descended upon it on October 9, 1999.

The Circle Line is a 3-hour (they also have 2-hour) sightseeing cruise around Manhattan. From their brochure:

"Enjoy a relaxed and refreshing 3-hour cruise as you discover the secrets of the city. You'll circumnavigate Manhattan Island and see it all: 3 Rivers, 7 major bridges, 5 boroughs, 25+ world renowned landmarks and Magnificent close-ups of the Statue of Liberty. Discover Manhattan like the great explorers and see the city and the outer boroughs via the water.

Departs Pier 83, West 42nd Street, NYC

Some of the great sights you’ll see:

1. USS Intrepid Pier
2. Hoboken Pier
3. Newport Center
4. Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
5. Battery Park
6. The Museum Of Jewish Heritage
7. Statue Of Liberty
8. Ellis Island
9. Wall Street
10.South Street Seaport and Museum
11.Brooklyn Bridge
12.Manhattan Bridge
13.Williamsburg Bridge
14.Chrysler Building
15.Empire State Building
16.Wall Street
17.United Nations
18.Roosevelt Island
19.Gracie Mansion
21.Harlem River
22.Yankee Stadium
23.High Bridge Park
24.Spuyten Duyvil
25.Columbia University
26.The Palisades of NJ
27.George Washington Bridge
28.Grant’s Tomb
29.Soldier and Sailor Monument
30.Immigration center
31.World Financial Center
32.Downtown Helicopter
33.The Verrazano Bridge
34.The Little Red Light House
35.59th Street Bridge
36.Triborough Bridge
37.Passenger Ship Terminal

We will have to pay full price for the cruise (12:30-3:30 PM): Adults: $34, Children: $21, Senior Citizens: $29. We will have to show up as early as we can get there (you have to be there at the dock 45 minutes ahead, normally) and then hope we can all (however many we are) get on board. It's really hard to say if they are going to be busy or not that time of year because you have to base it on the weather, what's going on in the city that day, etc. So it's every man/woman/child for themselves at the dock. Anyone who gets down there and can't get on the boat just has to find something else to do that day... if that's hard to do for anyone in Manhattan, we'll be very surprised!